Cheese Balls Recipe

posted 2021 Aug by


🔸️3 boiled Potatoes

🔸️100gm grated Cheese

🔸️2-3 tbsp. Cornflour

🔸️Red chili flakes


🔸️1/2 tsp Mixed Herbs


🔸️1/4 tsp pepper Powder


🔸️Peel and mash boiled Potatoes in a large bowl

🔸️Add Cheese, Chilli flakes, Salt, mixed herbs, Pepper powder and mix well.

🔸️Make small balls from this mixture.

🔸️In another large bowl add cornflour and water mix well to make thick paste.

🔸️Dip balls in the cornflour paste and deep fry till golden brown.

🔸️Serve hot with Ketchup