Aamras Puri

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🔸️4 large mangoes

🔸️2 tablespoon powdered sugar

🔸️1 cup wheat flour

🔸️1 1/2 ml refined oil

🔸️1 cup milk

🔸️water as required

🔸️2 dashes salt 


🔸️Wash and clean the mangoes (alphonso) under cold running water. Peel and chop them.

🔸️Take a blender jar and pour the mango pulp, powdered sugar and saffron strands in it and blend the mangoes to a smooth pulp.

🔸️Refrigerate it for an hour.

🔸️In a dough kneading plate, add wheat flour with 2 pinches of salt in it. Mix well and add water in it. Knead a stiff dough for Poori.

🔸️Fry the pooris in a kadhai over medium flame. When the oil is hot fry the pooris and serve hot with chilled Aamras.



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