Chinese Bhel Recipe

posted 2022 Aug by

🔸️Boiled and fried noodles
🔸️Schezwan chutney/sauce
🔸️Chilly sauce
🔸️Soy sauce
🔸️Green onions
🔸️Roasted peanuts
🔸️Roasted chickpeas
🔸️Vegetable oil
🔸️Lemon juice
🔸️Coriander sprigs

Procedure -
🔸️ Stir fry onions, capsicum and carrots on a high flame.
🔸️ Add all the sauces , a pinch of salt if needed and turn off the flame.
🔸️Crush all the fried noodles and add our vegetable mix.
🔸️ Add peanuts, chickpeas, lemon juice and mix well.
🔸️Garnish with spring onions and coriander sprigs.


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