Nutella Muffins Recipe

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🔸️Flour 140g

🔸️Cocoa Powder 30g

🔸️Baking Powder 1tsp

🔸️Baking Soda ½ tsp

🔸️Flax seed Powder 3tbsp

🔸️Thick Curd 3/4thCup

🔸️Powdered Sugar 150g

🔸️Oil 1/2Cup

🔸️Milk 2-3tbsp

🔸️Nutella 2tbsp


🔸️Preheat oven@160. Prepare baking tray with paper liners.

🔸️Soak flaxseed powder in hot water and keep aside for 15mins.

🔸️Mix all the dry ingredients.

🔸️Beat curd and sugar till sugar dissolves.

🔸️Gradually add oil and flax seed paste and mix well.

🔸️Add, Nutella and milk if required.

🔸️Fill cupcake liners with batter.

🔸️Bake for 20-25mins.

🔸️Enjoy. 😍😍💖


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