Palak Paneer

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🔸️1 bunch Palak/Spinach

🔸️Panner Cubes

🔸️2tbsp oil

🔸️1 Bay leaf

🔸️1 tsp cumin seeds

🔸️2tsp of finely chopped ginger garlic

🔸️1 finely chopped onion

🔸️1 cup tomato puree

🔸️1 tbsp cream

🔸️½ tsp coriander powder

🔸️1/2tsp garam masala




🔸️Boil Spinach in cooker and grind it to make smooth puree.

🔸️Heat oil in a pan and fry paneer cubes.

🔸️Remove the paneer cubes when golden brown and add cumin seeds, bay leaf, ginger garlic.

🔸️Then add finely chopped onions and tomato puree.

🔸️Add salt, coriander powder and garam masala and cook for 5 mins.

🔸️Then add Spinach puree, paneer cubes and stir well.

🔸️Add some fresh cream and serve hot with rotis.


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