Paneer Roll

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🔸️2 cups paneer cubes
🔸️2 tsp oil
🔸️1 onion (finely chopped)
🔸️Ginger garlic paste
🔸️Kashmiri red chilli powder
🔸️Coriander powder
🔸️Cumin powder
🔸️Garam masala
🔸️1 cup tomato pulp
🔸️½ capsicum
🔸️Caroot sliced
🔸️Cabbage sliced

🔸️ Add oil ,and ginger garlic paste in a pan on a low flame.
🔸️ When its caramelised, add all the masalas and mix it well.
🔸️ After 5 mins, add tomato pulp and a bit of water.
🔸️ Add paneer cubes,capsicum and mix well. Keep it for another 5 mins.
🔸️ Add corriander and turn off the flame. The stuffing is ready.
🔸️ Take a chapati and spread mayo on it evenly.
🔸️ Add salt, redi chilli powder, garam masala to the sliced veggies and add it on the roti.
🔸️ Now, place our paneer filling and close the ends carefully.
🔸️ You can roast this or have it as it is. Paneer Roll is ready!


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