Pani Puri Chaat Recipe

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🔸️6 Puris
🔸️3 cups chopped mint leaves
🔸️1 cup dates
🔸️1 tbsp chopped green chillies
🔸️1 tbsp chopped ginger
🔸️Black salt
🔸️4 tbsp chopped jaggery
🔸️Tamarind chutney as per taste
🔸️Salted boondi
🔸️1 cup boiled mix sprouts
🔸️Pani Puri Masala
🔸️Chaat masala
🔸️Lemon juice
🔸️Red chilli powder

🔸️Add mint leaves, green chillies, ginger, black salt, pani puri masala and 1 cup water in a grinder jar
🔸️Grind it to a smooth puree
🔸️Transfer the mixture to a large bowl and add 1 cup of water.
🔸️Mix well and allow it to cool in refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
🔸️For sweet chutney mix dates, jaggery, red chilli powder, salt, lemon juice, water and grind it to smooth paste
🔸️Once its ready serve with puri, salted boondi and mix boiled sprouts.


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