Rose Falooda Recipe

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🔸️3 cups cold milk

🔸️2 tsp basil seeds/ tukmaria seeds (substitute with chia seeds)

 🔸️2 to 4 tbsp Roohafza

🔸️Sugar (if needed)

🔸️½ cup falooda sev

🔸️2 tbsp chopped nuts or jelly

🔸️1 cup vanilla ice-cream



🔸️Mix Roohafza in cold milk

🔸️Mix well and add little sugar if needed.

🔸️In a bowl take basil seed, add some water and keep it aside.

🔸️In a small pan heat 1 cup water, add falooda sev and allow it to boil

🔸️Once cooked drain water and set it aside

🔸️When all the required ingredients are ready in a serving glass first add some pieces of jelly

🔸️Then add 1tbsp of rose syrup as second layer and follow with soaked basil seeds.

🔸️Later add falooda sev and then add chilled rose milk.

🔸️Top with 1 scoop of ice-cream, some chopped nuts or jelly.

🔸️Serve chilled


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