Vada Pav

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🔸️1/4 tsp asafoetida

🔸️Mustard seeds

🔸️1 onion

🔸️2 tsp green chilli-garlic paste

🔸️3 potato, boiled

🔸️Turmeric powder


🔸️Red chilli powder

🔸️Coriander leaves

🔸️1 lemon

🔸️1 cup besan (Gram Flour)

🔸️4 Green chillies


🔸️Heat oil in a pan, add asafoetida, mustard seeds and Roast them.

🔸️Add onion, chilli and garlic paste and saute

🔸️Now add boiled potatoes, turmeric powder, salt as per taste, and coriander leaves.

🔸️Mix them well and add lemon juice of 1 lemon. Put this aside now.

🔸️Now,in a bowl add besan, salt red chilli powder and mix well.

🔸️Add some water and mix thoroughly to make a smooth paste without any clumps.

🔸️Take the prepared potato masala and make small balls that should fit in the buns.

🔸️Dip the balls in the besan mix to coat it and deep fry in the pan till golden brown.

🔸️Put some green chillies in the pan to fry till colour changes. Add a pinch of salt later for taste.

🔸️Take buns and coat it with green chutney add the vadas in between. You can also add red garlic chutney for extra taste.

🔸️Serve hot with our fried green chillies and enjoy this delicacy.


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