Veg Broccoli Soup Recipe

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🔸️200 gms Broccoli

🔸️1 potato

🔸️1 small onion

🔸️1 garlic clove



🔸️Vegan cheddar cheese

🔸️1 cup milk

🔸️1 tsp. butter

🔸️1 tbsp. corn flour

Steps to cook:

🔸️In a pot boil potato, onion, garlic and water

🔸️Then add  broccoli and some more water and allow it to cook for 5-10 mins.

🔸️Once the vegetables are cooked allow them to cool

🔸️To make white sauce add milk, corn flour and butter in a saucepan.

🔸️Turn on the flame and keep stirring continuously till milk thickens.

🔸️Blend the veggies into smooth puree and mix the puree with white sauce.

🔸️Add salt and bring it to boil.

🔸️Add vegan cheddar cheese

🔸️Pour the soup into the bowl and garnish with some florets of broccoli and serve hot.


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