Veg Manchow Soup

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🔸️2tbsp Oil

🔸️2tsp chopped ginger

🔸️2tsp chopped garlic

🔸️2tbsp chopped onion

🔸️2tbsp chopped beans

🔸️2tbsp grated carrot

🔸️2tbsp grated cabbage

🔸️2tbsp soy sauce

🔸️Salt and Pepper

🔸️1tbsp chilli sauce

🔸️1/2tbsp vinegar

🔸️1 cup boiled noodle

🔸️1tbsp Corn-starch


🔸️Heat oil in a vessel.

🔸️Sprinkle corn-starch over boiled noodles, then deep fry the boiled noodles in hot oil until crispy and keep aside.

🔸️Heat oil in a pan then add chopped ginger garlic and stir well.

🔸️Then add chopped onions, bean, carrot, cabbage and mix well.

🔸️Sauté till all vegetables are cooked well.

🔸️Then add Soya sauce, Vinegar, chilli sauce, salt and pepper and mix well.

🔸️Add 2 cups of water and let it boil.

🔸️Mix 1tbsp of corn-starch with water and once the soup boils pour the corn-starch and mix well.

🔸️Serve hot with fried noodles.


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