Veg Schezwan Noodle

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🔸️1 tbsp oil

🔸️2-3 cloves chopped garlic

🔸️2-3 stalks chopped green onion

🔸️1 sliced onion

🔸️1 sliced green pepper

🔸️1 sliced red pepper

🔸️1 sliced carrot

🔸️1 cup shredded cabbage 

🔸️5 tbsp Schezwan sauce

🔸️2 tbsp soy sauce 

🔸️1 tbsp vinegar


🔸️200 grams noodles


🔸️Boil noodles according to instructions on the package.

🔸️Once boiled, drain the noodles and toss the noodles with 1 tsp oil so that they don't stick.

🔸️Heat a wok on medium-high heat. Then add the chopped garlic. Sauté few seconds.

🔸️Then add the sliced onion, chopped green onion and cook on high heat for 1-2 minutes, green pepper, red pepper, carrots, shredded cabbage and cook for 1-2min.

🔸️Veggies should remain crunchy.

🔸️Lower the heat and add Schezwan sauce soy sauce, vinegar., salt to taste.

🔸️Mix everything together and cook for another 2-3 minute.

🔸️Add in the boiled noodles. mix with the sauces, veggies until everything is well combined.

🔸️Then remove pan and serve hot!


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