Veg Spring Roll Recipe

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🔸️Spring roll sheets

🔸️2 tbsp oil

🔸️3 chopped garlic 

🔸️2 chilli chopped

🔸️2 tbsp spring onion chopped

🔸️1 onion sliced

🔸️1 Grated carrot

🔸️2 cup chopped cabbage 

🔸️5 chopped beans 

🔸️½ chopped capsicum

🔸️1 cup cooked Noodle

🔸️2 tbsp vinegar

🔸️2 tbsp soy sauce

🔸️2 tsp chilli sauce

🔸️¼ tsp pepper powder



🔸️Heat oil in a large wok and sauté chopped garlic, chilli, and spring onion

🔸️Add Onion, chopped cabbage, capsicum, beans, carrot and stir fry on medium flame without losing the crunchiness.

🔸️Then add Vinegar, Soy sauce, chilli sauce, Pepper powder, salt.

🔸️Then add cooked noodles and mix well.

🔸️Allow the mixture to cool.

🔸️Spread one spring roll sheet, place spoonful of mixture and roll the wrapper to seal.

🔸️Heat oil in a pan and fry them until golden.

🔸️Serve hot with ketchup


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