Alphonso Mangoes 12 Pcs
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Alphonso Mangoes 12 Pcs

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Alphonso Mangoes 12 Pcs

Customer Reviews

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Subhadeep Bose
Very good mangoes

Extremely sweet, reminded us of home.

Bela Dagar
Absolutely rubbish

All the mangoes were squashed and not nice .had emailed with pics for a regund but never heard back from you guys . Worst ever mangoes I have bought .30 pounds down the drain .

Gauri Chindarkar
Rotten Mangoes delivered

I got all the mangoes either rotten or over riped. None of them were edible, had to throw away all the mangoes. I even mailed about this but didn't get any reply.

Yuvika Mayani
Extremely Poor Quality Mangoes

100% of the mangoes were rotten when the box was opened the same day of delivery. All my hard earned money has got wasted and my daughter was very upset and sad to receive such poor quality mangoes

AHC Sabat
Raj Puri Mangoes V Alphonso Mangoes

I realised that the King Of Mangoes "Raj Puri" was and always is attractively desired since being King Of Mangoes has produced extraordinaries returns for your price per box. The Alphonso is also more than anything else the same and equal invigoration partly due to the sweet and melt in the month effect sustained to go all the parts of your body to capture and become bigger through being matched but usually the both mangoes would spill over and affect the trust of their referencing ambience of grommet succulence.