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Gulab Tikhi Sev 275g

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Gulab Tikhi Sev is refreshing and a satisfying Indian snack, that goes well with tea.

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T Dhamu
Haven't tried it yet but..

I bought this recently as Indian snacks are lovely to have any time of the day, but especially with a cup of tea.

I haven't got round to eating it yet so can't comment too much on it.

I think it would be helpful to know whether the spices include chillies.

Some of us have certain health issues so can't eat chillies unless the level it's at the mildest.

I did try the mild sev and couldn't taste the spices and chillies as much but it was delicious.

I've done a different review for that separately in case you want to have a look.

I gave the Tikhi Sev 3 stars because I haven't tried it yet. Otherwise it would have been a higher score.