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Fudco Methi Powder (ground fenugreek seeds)

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Fudco Methi Powder (ground fenugreek seeds) Methi Seeds are yellow to golden coloured seeds. Methi seeds are mostly used for flavouring  all zesty Indian cuisine commonly used for flavouring Indian vegetable dishes. Methi seeds are often used in making Mixed Pickle, Madras Curry Powder and Ginger Garlic Paste. The seeds are used overall or in powdered structure. Methi seeds powder can likewise be blend in with rice. Methi seeds are wealthy in protein calcium phosphorus and iron. Methi seeds are likewise used as a characteristic home grown medicine for the treatment of diabetes. Long haul Methi seeds are useful to diminish stores of fat in the body and lower cholesterol. Sprout Methi seeds are also helpful in controlling diabetes.